Inside our Host Composer Control Panel you can see a simple to use Web–site Builder application, that can be used to create your new site. Host Composer’s Website Builder offers over a hundred exclusive website templates, available in a variety of color patterns, that you could modify to your preference. To create a fresh website, you won’t need to learn HTML, PHP, CSS or other back–end language. What you need to be aware of is how to use the easy–to–navigate editor of the Web–site Builder. It can be used to promptly develop brand–new web pages, update their contents, add brand–new components to your website plus much more.

An Easy–to–navigate Site Builder

No programming practical experience is required

With the Web–site Builder built into the Control Panel, you’ll be able to start your own website with quick point and click actions. Employing the in–built editor, you can easily insert different web pages, deal with active ones, change the look and feel of your site, etcetera. If you’ve ever used a web app or something like Word or Excel, then you definitely know exactly how to make use of Host Composer’s Web–site Builder.

And here is the best part – you don’t have to know the right way to design and produce a site and do not have to utilize or know any HTML, CSS or even PHP. And whenever you need help, you can check out our in–depth help articles and educational videos.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

Miscellaneous Website Design Templates

Over a hundred design templates at your disposal

Host Composer’s Website Builder tool has a collection of over a hundred particular web templates. They’re made to address the most common sorts web sites – blogs, private web sites, portfolios, web shops etc. All of our free themes arrives with various coloration possibilities as well as 2 diverse layout models.

At any moment, you can quickly replace the theme of your website with a brand new one, or customize the color design. All of the pages you’ve constructed will be saved and your site is going to be revised with the design in seconds.

Multiple Website Templates

How–to Video Tutorials

Discover how easy it really is to build up a website

If you are experiencing a tough time applying Host Composer’s Site Installer, we have prepared a handy line of educational videos that can help you. From generating a brand new page, to changing your current pages, you can check out a training video that can illustrate exactly how things are done. All of our video clips inspired by the most frequently asked questions about Host Composer’s Website Builder.

Apart from our video lessons, you may take a look at Host Composer’s thorough support center, full of how–to instructions plus detailed courses. Host Composer’s support is also on shift around the clock if you’d like realtime guidance.

Video Tutorials